And it still continues to

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I am pretty sure I am being redundant when I say that 2020 was a very hard year for the entirety of the human race. If you made it through 2020 and into 2021 with all your family members in good health, a roof over your head and the rest of your basic needs being fulfilled you were one of the blessed ones.

However, that doesn’t take away from the trauma and pain you suffered in the previous year that was almost one of pure isolation, anxiety and stress.

I started last year full of hope and promise, and I…

A common affliction for high achieving anxious people.

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I have struggled with anxiety for majority of my life. My mother likes to tell me that I was always a worrying child, from the impending end of the world to if sinister secret societies were actually real. That was my head space in grade school and looking back at it as a young adult I sometimes scoff at how silly it all seems now.

These deep feelings of anxiety and dread didn’t leave as I thought they would. No, I don’t hamper on all the worries of the world on my little head anymore. I realized a long time…

To all the ones who tried

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A toast to those who have learned to sprout in adversity,
Grown through doubt and depression,
And dared to bloom in the face of naysayers and bad blood.
For you are the cream of the crop and the pick of the bouquet.

Let’s pour one out for the ones who couldn’t bear the drought and harsh weather.
Who struggled in the famine and faced the land barren and bare.
Who inspite of their best became their worst and succumbed to the bitter heat.
You are the lessons for the next spring and the new soil for the coming season.


A response to the prompt question “what kind of plant are you?”

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I am but like a pomerac tree,
Unassuming but silently grand.
A slim willowy thing,
that many fail to understand.

With me you must have patience,
For such greatness can not be rushed.
If you wait to see me bloom,
Your very heart will be touched.

Touched by my beauty,
a modest one though.
For I have no silken petals to pet,
or a gentle scent to bring to your nose.

What have are tendrils that spring out,
Vibrant and glossy with an alien-like delight. …

Does it bring you peace or protection

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What is the shade between the sun and the earth?

Where limbs grasp and drape,
and fingers creep and twist over larger arms.

What is the colour of growth,
that which is untamed and unculled,
left to do what one sees fit as it spreads wide and full.

Is the shade low and old,
providing protection from the grey,
or is the colour a deep emerald that changes to bright lime as one chases the sun.

Thank you everyone for reading even if it is just one of you. I hope you enjoyed this piece. This was written while I…

You have always been there for me

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You give so much yet ask for so little in return,

like the memory of a kiss as fleeting as the wind and just as sweet.

A solid structure but a mere cottage to passing eyes as they moved on to better things.

Still a remaining fixture, staying test after test but overlooked because they seek smoother grace,

How do you give and not require not a mere glance in return?

As you stood and supported strong while others left when they grew weary,

loyalty at the side lines,

The nearest open arms, just there to rescue.

And as disaster…

Thank you for sharing your experience. As someone who has struggled with a narcissistic love one, a big worry of mine is how this trauma affects me in my intimate relationship. You are very right about setting boundaries and being clear about them. Just very recently I had to revisit my boundaries with my partner about what I was and wasn't comfortable with. It's a work in progress but I am more comfortable now that they've been properly established.

Spreading love and best of luck on your journey.

It may just be lust yet it may be so much more.

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The taste I crave is on your tongue,
I seek you out for it in both night and day,
I succumb to the greed of that thing so sweet,
It has become something I need.

I think about it oh so often and you who are oh so willing,
Because I have what you desire so tis only fair we trade to give,
To give and receive what we both want, something so carnal and pure.

We go without food or water for days on end,
The others do not understand the urgency,
The urge of it all drives me all but…

We may wish for peace but a startling meloncholy may follow

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One would cry in the loneliness yet revel in the silence,

Rejoice for the peace but hate for the war with no one.

Sigh in wonder at the giddiness of ones own mind but,

grumble at the frustration of no outside ideas.

At times it is good to be by yourself,

to get know yourself and all your faults aplenty.

But before long without the pin prick of interaction ,

the line is blurred between sadness and serenity.

Thank you everyone for reading even if it is just one of you. I hope you enjoyed this piece.

When we set…

Only through truth will we be liberated

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We are compelled to see beyond our fanciful lies,
our minds cannot dictate our hearts because,
like vagabonds our hearts stand against authority and rebel for the truth.

Fooling is futile when we know what is true,
it cannot be hidden nor can we hide from it,
freedom will be ours once the truth is known, whether we want it or not.

The chains of untruth will be broken,
the constricting lies like dead vines will wither away,
truth may be our destruction and our salvation…

Nerissa Talique

A young woman with a wide ranging love for all things literature and nature so much so I dream of being both a Veterinatian and a Novelist.

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